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  1. I have seen the 600's anywhere from $3000-4500 depending on what comes with it. I am selling my PR-650 with stand, hat driver, software, etc., for $5300.00. Good luck on your sale.
  2. When im doing small text I use Gunold Poly 60 with a 65/9 needle. I also increase the density ever so slightly to get the correct coverage. I've never needed to adjust the tension.
  3. Why dont you try out this, I think this will solve your problem for sure. Eliminate or enlarge fine text and detail. Eliminate small gradiant areas and thin outlines. Design for the typical hat design area, 2" high x 4" wide and viewed at a 3" distance.
  4. Yes I have used the camera a few times but not much. As far as leather goes I can not say because I never used it for that. It is a great machine I just don't get to use it much. If I can help in anyway just let me know
  5. I have the baby lock both the 10 and 6 needle. I love them but with that said I must say I would do something else. I mean the 10 needle is a great machine but we have no been able to make it paid for it self. I wish I had when the DTG route.
  6. The real question is are you really to lower your product quality, because with a cheap machine, you are going to get what you pay for. Not only in the quality of the machine and its durability, but in the quality of it output.
  7. One more thing I would like to add is to always test out the designs on sample fabric before putting a design on item that you want to embroider on. I have and know others have as well made this mistake many times before it sunk in the importance of this single yet most important step. On your sample swatches write down what needle, stabilizer or stabilizers used, and thread tensions for each swatch. Keep these for future reference when embroidering on similar fabric. When you do a test swatch of the design, use the sample swatch that produced the best results from a precious test.
  8. Actually just remembered, bobbin pulling up means the top tension is too tight. Try loosing the top and see how that works. After you get the issue fixed, you can always do applique on the hoodie to cover up your test stitches.
  9. Try using black bobbin thread. That way if it pulls through it won't show.
  10. I am still looking for an MB -4 owners to help with your question. Nevertheless, they are not present here. I am the user of Embird and on initial version; the problem of JEF+Format corrected in this version.
  11. You can Google embroidery viewers, you'll find more, the reason I haven't included them is they wont let you insert designs (letters) arrange them as you want, then save as a single design to copy to your CF card.
  12. free program my editor You have to register after which an e mail link to the program is sent to you. Barudan's Tes viewer this is a design viewer only, not an editor, so though you can view your designs, you can't edit them.
  13. you don't need digitising software, but an embroidery editor would be handy. You can download free design viewers, here's a few, starting with a free Editor
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