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  1. I am search new embroidery machine and I am looking for any advice on choosing good product. As I understand 140 mm x 200 (may be bigger) hoop is the least that I need to make really quality embroidery designs. I make quilt for sell and my home. So some of the designs would need to be quite big. My budget is under $10000 so any advice on machine would be appreciated. Main points - best and cheap service, big screen, USB port without any embroidery cards (i not like this), Big LCD screen// Now my dealer told me about Janome MC 15000.. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Good evening. I love your embroidery I am loyal to your site can do you the embroidery of manga and the new Monster High embroidery designs because I you and price your entire collection. Thank you for your reply circle of friends.
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