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  1. I don't what you should exactly when it comes to selling it, but I had bought a new 6 needle baby lock in the last April for 6500.00. I hope this helps.
  2. It really depends on the design, what it's going on, the size you want it to be, etc. It's really something you can only truly learn by experience and trial/error. There are just so many factors to consider.
  3. Thank you. I AM doing quite good with DTG and I think Iwill grow with Embroidery. I do like the features baby lock has over the melco with the camera and touch screen. Can I ask you how often do you find yourself using the camera? Also is it true that with the same needles you go through leather and other materials?
  4. Hey everybody. I'm torn between either getting a baby lock enterprise or the amaya xts. From what I've read I can only find that Babylock is more for beginners or more accurately "idiot proof." I understand there is a huge learning curve with embroidery but I am ready for it. I am leaning more towards the babylock because of the camera and touch screen, but I also read the Amaya would be better for production. give me insight on these machines, or would I be safe with either one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I beleive you just stated the biggest problem with cheep machines. I seen a lady at a craft show using 6 needle brother it worked well on flats but it ran slow at the speed that it was running there is no way you can make money I asked her if she runs caps she said only one color designs. Because the machine to do a cap right has to run at 250 stitches per min.
  6. Thank you! I cleaned up the bobbin case and inside part of the bobbin case holder as per the suggestion mentioned in the manual MC9900.I couldn’t see any thread bits there but there was a lint there. The bobbin thread is showing at the edges when I am embroidering. Is there any issue of thread of lint striking inside the machine? I think I am not getting it. I am not figuring how it is running for one minute and then it is suddenly being stop. When I change its color, it is working in wrong way. I started with giraffe first (yellow thread) and then with butterfly (red thread). Then, suddenly
  7. It sounds like the stitch count is too much for the size of the design. Try taking out some of the stitches.
  8. I am struggling to know that why bobbin threads comes up in the top while embroidering? I got MC9900. Last week, I visited to the shop where I talk about my threading problems. She told me that it is the issue with threading from the top not with the issue of bobbin itself. After her advice, I am enjoying my embroidery trouble free but today it again started on the halfway through a design. As far as I am concern, I am threading the machine every time. Is that what am I doing wrong? White is coming from my front and it is not looking bad on this section. Then, I end my color block. Before star
  9. Hey! you need full digitizing tools in order to digitize. Customizer is somehow narrow. Scanned artwork (unless scanned at a high resolution) won’t fit into auto digitized. Artwork should be clean to use it and it is applicable to all digitizing software (doing auto digitize). Go to manual digitizing. Although it is hard to learn initially, it is probably the excellent options for you.
  10. No matter which brand of machine you buy, a good supportive dealer is very important. The 2 local Janome dealers here are very good. One of the dealers also handles Bernina and Babylock so it is possible to do some comparisons in the same location. My friend has a TOL Babylock and is very happy with it.
  11. I believe the Ipad is an Ipad 2. I have seen it about 2 weeks ago but I am not familiar with the different versions so I cannot tell the difference. but it is the Version 2.
  12. I have ordered a 15000 and I am so excited. I have the 12000 and love the machine, but sad to say I cannot have both. I will be trading my 12000 for the 15000. I will be receiving the ipad with the machine and I am wondering what size comes with it.
  13. I got the iron. How do I use this and what is the needle appropriate for this one? Please help me out.
  14. I like having the 11000Janome. But while I'm embroiderying on it I have an old 930 Bernina to sew things together on. Would like to upgrade the old one to the Janome Horizen. Have only heard good things about this new quilting/sewing machine. Any points on it???
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