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  1. I know that this is a big ask...but I wondered if you might be able to resize a free design you offered to a 5 x 7 JEF format.  I have not embroidered in almost 10 years and just started doing it this weekend.  I can only do up to 5x7 and do not have software to reduce.  thanks in advance.  It is the Zebra with glasses

  2. Raes

    Are you planning on designing any other animals similar to your zebra.? I love her and have made her in 4 different colours..

  3. Is there any plans to make the Zebra with Glasses available in pes format? I absolutely love this pattern.


    Tracy P

    1. diver361


      This format available, also any. 

    2. TracyP


      It only lists dst format.  Where can I get the pes


  4. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 3.41 x 5.74'
  5. View File Daisy free embroidery design Size: 3.41 x 5.74' Submitter Berez Submitted 12/29/2016 Category Cartoon free embroidery designs  
  6. Just wanted to drop a line to thank you very much for theh wonderful embroidery Designs, both the ones I purchased and the Free Ones. Wow, so many to choice from, you make it hard to pick. I just can not wait to sew them out. I was wondering if you will be making any more Dog Designs. I show, train, Breed and judge dogs or many breeds, an am always interested in seeing new Dog Stuff. I am always will to help out with photo's if that will help. Thanks again for the designs
  7. I ordered this embroidery design back in August and received the machine embroidery design. I was hoping to be able to access it thru this site - I thought it would still be available. Could you let me know if I can have access to this design once again. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I am looking for the French Soccer logo ie: rooster, , Coq gaulois, I have searched your logos but am unable to locate it. thanks for any help
  9. Hello I had bought some machine embroidery designs from your website on the jef format. I need to now use them on my Bernina 880 embroidery machine and it only takes the EXP format. could you please let me know what I can do to get my designs in this format thanks.
  10. Hello, I'm not sure the orig. email got thru, since it just up and disappeared on my screen. I'm trying to pay for a design, but my screen is stretched as far to the right as it'll go, and I'm still unable to see any cart, or "pay here," etc. I sincerely do need the two fawns I've got waiting for me, so I hope I get an answer soon. Thank you,
  11. Good evening....I was wanting to know if you have a machine embroidery pattern of a flight attendant. I am wanting one that is about 3 inches high and about 3/4 inch wide. Wanting to make a luggage tag. Do you have something like this? I will want to purchase it if you have one. Looking forward to hearing from you!!
  12. Good day I ordered the following: Spring fashion, English croquette, French croquette 1 & 2 and Spanish croquette in art format. I selected both the pdf and jpg, but when I downloaded it only gives me jpg and shows the number of colours used. I would like to know what type of machine embroidery thread and the palette numbers was used in your embroidery design. I use marathon thread and would like to match it accordingly to your colours . Please assist urgently as I would like to start this project. Kind regards
  13. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.06 x 9.39'
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