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  1. Hi there Happy new year!! May this year bring only peace, prosperity and LOTS of embroideries Thank you for your wonderful website. I purchased your Tatty bear last year and I absolutely love them They are gorgeous and so easy to use. Thank you : I would like to know if they are available in a height of 8 cm? I have these that I would love a bit smaller. teddy 11 teddy 47 teddy 29 ted 100 teddy 51 teddy 38 The projects I want to do now needs smaller embroidery. Please let me know if it would be at all possible Kind regards
  2. Two embroidered towels for gift with Doc McStuffins and Lambie embroidery design
  3. This is portrait of big fluffy dog on simple light background. Author said: “This stitched out beautifully, my friends have all complimented me. Thank you for posting the free files”. In fact this picture looks very cute on this fabric. You also can use on your linen, tablecloth or towel to get same good effect. Just use our Big dog free embroidery design.
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