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  1. I recently chose embroidery, so I can tell you how it was. Initially, I was going to get Janome 350E or some of its analogs, since everything else was much higher than my budget, and my sewing machines suited me 100% for their sewing functions, so even in the direction of sewing and embroidery Did not watch . However, in these typewriters strained reviews about the insufficiently strong fastening of the hoop, and the accessibility to the horizontal shuttle at the embroidery leaves much to be desired. While walking on the Internet, I stumbled upon Bernina's share - an embroidery unit as a gif
  2. I chose to use a *.VP3 file - after the first outline stitch, there were about 2 color changes that were outline stitches on top of the first outline stitch (such as black outline where the hoofs would go, red outline where the band would go).... if I were to use the file again, I would know to skip these stops/color changes- totally not needed. The final design looks fine.
  3. I download embroidery design on Oct 23, 2015. I 've already got the .pes file. There is problem. This embroidery design, I can see it in my machine. I would like you to resend the pes file to me again. Please answer me and help me
  4. I was looking through your embroidery designs and noticed that you have different college teams. I was wondering if you have any embroidery designs for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign logo embroidery ? That is the college my daughter got accepted to and I wanted to make her something with that on it. Thank you for any help you can give me, I really appreciate it!
  5. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 8.88 x 7.50'
  6. View File Lion photo stitch free embroidery design 2 Size: 8.88 x 7.50' Submitter stitchesnstuff12 Submitted 09/01/2015 Category Photo stitch  
  7. Hi, i wanted to know how much the brother pr 650 costs. Thank you
  8. ould you be able to digitize a design for a left chest, colors as seen in picture with a turn-around time in a day? I will send a JPEG file of the design for your use.
  9. Thanks for having Super Luigi embroidery and I am looking forward to stitching them out (I'm a little late on this Christmas gift!) I am wondering if you can tell me what the differences are in all the files that I downloaded. I know exp and pes but here are luigi1, 2, 2a, etc. Is there a summary of notes that tells me what the differences are? Thank you again
  10. I need to have the patter I bought converted to an earlier version of art format. Can that be done? Thanks
  11. i bought a couple designs of minnie mouse and they stitched out beautifully. however, the free minnie mouse (id#1645) is too large for my frame size. I am working in a 4x4 frame. Is there anyway to get this design resized to be a little smaller so my machine will recognize the file.
  12. Hi I am looking for the New Columbus Crew embroidery logo. They recently changed it. Do you have it or can you digitize it?
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