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  1. Hey there. Is there any chance of a Minion Easter embroidery design. The kids loved the Xmas one & I know an Easter Minion would be highly desirable. Thank you.
  2. I cannot figure out how to put these into the ped-basic program. Is there someone who could give me very simple instructions because I am not good at the computer so it has to be really simple. Thank you
  3. I just sent an message and forgot to send my order information. Can you send unzipped files ? on this order I have a brother se400 and a 4x4 hoop. Thanks again,
  4. Earlier today I made a purchase of cat in the hat letters for my granddaughter. I can not get them to open I need them sent unzipped. Hopefully your site can do this for me asap as I need to do this by tomorrow evening so she can wear this to school on Wednesday. Thank you,
  5. I'm wanting to buy the Cat equipment embroidery design to stitch out. I've seen it on here before but I cant find it now.
  6. I purchased the Winnie the pooh on the rocking horse with piglet and its only partially downloading. I need to stitch this out asap and I can’t. I have a brother machine, and take the pes files. I also purchased the piglet with tigger and the acorns and that came with like 3-4 files to download, this pooh one is only the pdf file and 1 pes file. I cannot get it to work with my brother. Can you please help. Thanks
  7. Do you make embroidery patches one I can add to fabric. I have my own logo I would like it to be on top of clothing similar to Lacoste how it sticks out.
  8. Hi - I was wondering if your Green Ninjago embroidery applique only comes in a filled embroidery design. I am looking for an applique for both the green ninjago and Nya from Ninjago. Thanks!
  9. Hello, Do you have any Orthodox Christian embroidery designs like orthodox crosses, icons orthodox church embroidery designs if yes I would like a list with pictures so I can select. Do you also make the machine embroidered blocks for quilt tops thanks
  10. hi there i would like to buy one of you walking dead embroidery designs, but for some reason l cant i was hope u come help me it keeps says. some about order.
  11. Why are the links that were emailed to me outdated? Can these links be re-emailed to me? I am having a difficult time downloading these from my account. I was logged into my email account with my iPad and opening the links on an app called Janome Acu Edit. Your assistance on how I can re-download the links with my laptop or iPad would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Is there any way to order this embroidery design in a larger size? A size more suited for a youth t shirt? Thank you!
  13. I placed an order last night and downloaded with no problems, however when I pull one of the embrodiery designs up to prepare to transmit, none of the colors are the same as the pictures. How can I get the correct colors for each one of my designs?
  14. I would like to have this embroidery design without the word "engineering." Would that be possible? I did a search and did not find that design already available.
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