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  1. I like Hemingworth. Bought the last colors at Amazon. Great price and no shipping.
  2. I manually scanned the article using my mouse and pasted this article to my e-mail program. Sent it to myself, then it let me print it out. I kept getting blank pages if I tried to print from the browser.
    This file is larger than 14 inches. Maybe this is why the file will not open? It is beautiful. Is it possible to reduce it?
  3. Look at this wonderful picture! It seems to be full of peace and tranquility. Embroidered texture gives it special charm of hand made work piece. It is made on base of Swan cross stitch free embroidery design. This sample can be used to create picture to decorate your home. Or you can use it as element of other things’ design. Author’s comment :” Very large design, stitches out wonderful.
    Love this design! but, my largest hoop is 8x12. Cannot make it small enough to stitch. Darn! New machine has a hoop large enough!! Turned out great!
    It looks like 2 dogs to me. A golden retriever and a fluffy dog. I tried to stitch today. Brother Dream will not allow. Finished design is too big for my biggest frame. Any way to make it smaller? 9 1/2 by 12 would be great!!
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