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  1. Also I run Corel X6 and it works with my version. I did not have to load the version that came with ES3. I have not seen any problems yet but I am also a novice user of ES3. Good luck,
  2. I picked up ES3 Designing at the end of December from Wilcom America for $1,500 plus they threw in outlines and 4 months same as cash to pay for it. They said I had to send my copy of Sierra but no RMA came in my box as they said it would. I love it.
  3. I just sold my PR600 last week for $3500. I had it listed for less than 5 days on the yahoo group..embroidery resale. Shipping from MN to PA was an additional $290 using UPS pack & ship. Worth every penny to have them do the packing with a full guarantee
  4. wow a machine and attachment for hats under 1000.00 i would say no unless you win the lottery. It cost me that much for my hat attachment.
  5. The border will probably also come out as a fill pattern going left to right. It will also probably have really bad registration meaning it will not follow the underlying circle correctly.
  6. Can you take a vector design and automatically create a stitch file? Yes... The only people who will tell you it will produce a production ready design are the people who are selling the software.
  7. only have the small one...I haven't ran into too many times when I wanted a larger one. For a larger spot, check into the magnetic mighty hoops. And I hoped someone would be suggesting the fast frames... Good luck
  8. I have compared the babylock to the melco and I will say I like the babylock better. The stitching seems to look nicer to me. I also have looked at the melco software and I use Master works 3, I like master works better.
  9. Digitizer 10000 is out of the market and a new version is on the market. You should always buy these products in the dealer rather to buy from any other persons.
  10. I am very confused about digitizing program and searching for ideal solution. Is there any digitizing software that works with my MC 9700 ?
  11. HTML code is not permitted. Special symbols permit some HTML functionality.
  12. Hey! Thanks for your valuable tips. Every suggestion here are welcomed and greeted very well. I hope that when I get it, I will be ok. But, don’t think I am able to use it. LOL.I know, what you are talking about? It is yuck. I hate that all. You quote somewhere it is avoidable to use anything on Sweat shirts (fusible). OMG! Is that right? On what things, FUSIBLE should be use?
  13. Hey olive! Should I use Cut or Tear away on the stabilizer issue? Let me make clear about WSS. I need to know the heck to use for interfacing of fusible. What is the use for Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy(wash away) ?
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