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  1. I have the babylock Solaris with an almost 11 x 16 hoop and I can now do it all in one hooping. Many do not have that large of a hoop so have to split it. So by splitting into 3 sections they can place the design easier. Not everyone has the magna hoops or the ability with camera to place things perfectly. Hope that explains this better. I am ok now but others may not be able to stitch it out. I know you said three hoopings, but so much easier if the design is split on either side of the middle flower. Thank you so much for your beautiful designs and generosity in sharing them.
  2. Thank you for making this the right size for my PR600. I only do photostitch in that machine.
  3. When you installed it, did the install change all the design icons to the Truesizer? If so, right click on the file (design) and go to properties and change the icon back to the program you used to open your designs and hit apply. That will change them all back to the icon they were and they will open up in your preferred software.
  4. Yes, please pass it along. I love this design and when I saw the posted size was excited because it looks like my daughters dog. Would have been a wonderful Christmas present but not now. I hope to see some smaller sizes in the future. But I do appreciate all the ones I have collected and have stitched out.
  5. Why then do you have the size at 7.04 x 10.78' actually not ' but should be " feet vs inches. How many people can do (or want) a picture of a dog this large? My preference would be for the shown size and not the actual size. Just my opinion. Many of the designs are way too large. Photostitch is done better on a semi or commercial machine due to the density of the design so I would not do it on my Babylock Destiny where I have a camera for better placement. I have to do it on my Brother PR600 and it's not easily placed exactly where you want it if you use a split design.
  6. Zabava, These are so beautiful! However, as a gardener, I must tell you that these are not tulips. They are poppies. Diane
  7. Yeah, but it wasn't there the other day. They got it fixed.
  8. Thank you...where is the color file? Anyone not using Embird will not be able to use the .edr file.
  9. Is there a special technique for getting the wheat grains to look raised?
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