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  1. I think your CorelDraw will conflict with Wilcom if you have version 6. your going to have to uninstall your version 6 and use the Wilcom's CorelDraw within the program. i believe only E3 supports version 6. I could be wrong if they fixed the bug.
  2. Hi, I have a Melco Amaya machine which was before the XTS versions. It was my first machine also the learning curve was not too bad as i took their class. They are nice for production as you get busy you can add additional heads as needed, network them together, and run 1 job on all machines or run different jobs on every machine. Good Luck with your search
  3. I listed my PR600II on craigslist on Tuesday and sold it on Thursday for $5000. Along with the machine the buyer received the original software cd, original set of frames and cap driver and frame.
  4. It depends on the design and type of machine but you might trying slowing down until your establish a good running rate during the small text parts.
  5. I often use 60 weight thread (Madeira) with a 65/9 needle for small text. I also don't adjust the tension. I would check the thread path for lint and make sure the needle is in the correct position. How fast are you running? You might try slowing the machine speed.
  6. If an element looks small in print it will be too small to embroider well especially on caps which are more difficult than flats because of the curved surface area.
  7. Take a basic circle with a border. In most cases, automatic digitizing will create a file with 2 sections - the circle and the border. They will also most likely create both sections as fill patterns with no push/pull changes and no underlay. When you stitch it out, the circle will be usually be set to stitch from bottom to top. What your result will be will be wider left to right and shorter top to bottom because of no push/pull compensation and probably look more like an egg than a circle.
  8. I think you must not forget to check out the Mighty Hoops. I know this will also be very helpful to you.
  9. I need some serious help. I'm tired of outsourcing people to do patches with backing that can be applied by a heat press. I think I want to try the embroidery myself. Is there a good, simple to use embroidery machine that costs under $1000 that I could buy to mainly do baseball caps? Also, something that hooks up to a computer to import designs? Thanks. I always can count on this forum for answers/advices!
  10. Go to open face plate on the left side of the machine and take up lever (goes up and down) and also there is a screw (close a+ and-) sign that screws just a very little bit. Make your tension lower.
  11. Also if the lettering is small you may need to increase the size of it or try using a lighter weight - 60 weight embroidery thread and a smaller needle 70/10 for the small lettering. Or try decreasing the density of the lettering.
  12. Hey! I tried the same design in DST and the problem is same. OK, then I will use completely different designs soon and get back to you, if it has a problem.
  13. OK, I will try to use DST Format (I was thinking of Jef only but may be with DST also).
  14. I got Janome MB-4 from dealer. I want to embroider a design (made in the Embird that I used for 3 years). When I started using new MB-4 for the embroider design at initial stage the first color shifts and it was ruined. I was making little bear where the first color was brown. Head, left arm and leg are high quality. It elaborated one cm (or on inch) to the distant.
  15. It seems you like to do lettering - if you are serious about this then you might like to look at a digitizing program such as Digitizer MBX. It is not cheap, but well worth the cost.
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