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    I haven't stitched this design out yet but I'm planning on making a purse for one of my daughter-in-law's for Christmas. I just wanted to tell you how absolutely adorable this design is & how much I love it!! Thank you so much for giving this design away for free, that's one of my favorite words. Lolol
    I LOVE the Shoe design, it's SO Adorable! Do have it for sell or are you giving the design on here somewhere?
    I love it. I also like the Border you used in the pillow behind it. Do you have that design somewhere too?
    This is soooo cute I can't wait to make several of these. Thank You! :)
  1. Thank You for the cute design! I can't wait to get my sewing room put together & decorate it. Thanks again! :)
    I haven't sewn this yet but I think it's sooo adorable!! Thanks for the free design!!
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