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  1. Loving heart free embroidery design 2

    A fun motif for your denim jacket. Professional digitizaing with the application of a large number of effects. The opportunity to feel all the possibilities of modern embroidery machine. Embroidered towel for Valentine's Day will be a highlight in your bath. Surprise your husband or  boyfriend with your abilities.

    Size: 5,17 x 4.72'


  2. I have water soluble (the fabric and the saran wrap kind), medium weight tear away, and a light weight cutaway. Since i sew clothes I already have lost of iron-on interfacing type stuff that I use on knits, so I didn't buy any of that no-show fusible mesh stuff. I also got conflicting recommendations. One lady told me she gets the best results by using this fusible interfacing stuff on the area she's embroidering (as in just iron it over the area of the design, not the whole area of the hoop, and then a normal tear away, and float the design. Then others say you should use that fusible polymesh stuff and tear away.... but I already have interfacing so I'll try the one ladies method.

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  3. Santa Claus free embroidery design 10

    If you decide to make an unusual decoration of the Christmas table, this project is for you. Santa's face can be the basis for creating original napkins. Your fantasy can work wonders with this creative project. Any shapes, fabrics and thread colors. Your guests will be delighted.

    Size: 4.26 x 4.28'

    Embroidered Christmas design

    Santa free embroidery design as napkin



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