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  1. This is what got translated.... Friend, I have an emull tajima that is not a problem, you can send me what you used to be some crack bug if it is not original. or loop in the serial request code. (Portuguese) I'm not exactly sure what you would like me to send you. My software is likely to crash on any design I am working on. Specifications wise, I think my computer exceeds the minimum specs for the software in all categories. I don't understand why the software crashes so often.
  2. I have DG16 Illustrator Extreme. I've been using Pulse since dg/ml 2009 (v13) and am comfortable with it, but since upgrading to dg15, I've experienced more than normal crashes, at least 5 and sometimes up to 20 a day. I cannot pinpoint one thing I do that causes a crash, so tech support cannot re-create the problem. I was told that my computer didn't meet specs, so I spent almost $1,000 having my son build a me a computer that met the specs and exceeded the specs in almost all things. Nothing changed. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing random crashes and if one of the 2 higher
  3. I know this is an old post, but when you have stitches coming out on fonts, on connections, change Line to Basic on lock stitch type. I've searched online for an explanation for each lock stitch, but cannot find one. I just know that Basic is stronger than Line
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