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  1. Good info, thank you! Sometimes I don’t like the corners that Embird makes, so knowing how to do them manually is helpful.
  2. I haven't tried stitching these, but all of the PES files look fine to me (I opened them in Embird). No issues with anything. I'm not sure why one of the reviewers had a different experience. Many thanks to the digitizer for creating & sharing these designs!
  3. Thank you for translating these articles, Irina! I've really enjoyed reading them. :-)
  4. I really like these types of designs from Urban Threads! Thanks for sharing the name of the digitizer -- I didn't know who created them.
  5. Related to "without hooping" but not related to the "factory production" method described here... I was told by someone at a sewing/embroidery machine store that fabric should NOT be placed in the hoop because hooping distorts the fabric. Instead, only the stabilizer should be hooped, and fabric should be placed on the stabilizer using temporary adhesive spray. Before the design is embroidered, a basting stitch should be run to fully secure the fabric to the stabilizer. I've struggled with hooping correctly, so this no-hooping-basting-only method sounds good to me! I don't know if the result is as nice, though -- I haven't had a chance to test it.
  6. I definitely need to improve my hooping techniques, so this info is fantastic for me! Thank you!
  7. It's so helpful to see the different experiments and how they turned out!
  8. This is very useful information! It looks like a link is missing, though. Here's the text below the second paragraph...
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