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  1. I am not sure where to post this but I would like 2 photographs digitising in several sizes. Who would be the best person to approach and how do I request a quote? Thank you. kind regards Liz


    1. diver361



      You can attch here.

    2. LizRich


      These are the photographs I would like to have  digitised - I tried with my software using photostitch but don't think it is good enough - because I can't digitise yet! Please will you quote me a price and an estimated time of completion. Thank you. Liz

      pumpkin 18-10-2018 10-11-32.jpg

      pumpkin 29-07-2018 19-20-22.jpg

    3. LizRich


      Hello? Is anyone there?

    This design stitched out beautifully on cotton for a reading pillow and hessian for a tote bag. hardly a jump stitch to cut and fascinating to watch stitch. Going to try velvet next. I love it.Thank you.
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