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    This is very adorable, I can't wait to stitch this out for my dogs. Thank you very much.
  1. I'd love to see some fsl designs, flowers, bells, angels. I don't think I've seen any on this site. Thank you to all designers, for the fantastic work you do. DeniseL
  2. Does anyone make or do any free standing lace? I don't think I've seen any on this site. I'd love to see some designs of fsl, from you awesome designers. I'll keep a watch for any. Thank you to all designers, keep up the fantastic work you all do.
  3. DeniseL

    Owl photo stitch free embroidery design

    Dawn, sorry I missed you question from before. I loaded this on my janome 350E and my hoop size is on my giga hoop, I split the design to be able to stitch on one hoop. I use embird for viewing and working with my embroidery designs.
  4. DeniseL

    O Come Let Us Adore free embroidery design

    Thank you for this design, I need it very much.
    I think this is soooo sweet. I'd love to make a Christmas fabric card with this design. I'll have to check the size. Thank you.
    I really think this is cute. Like it very much, thank you.
  5. DeniseL

    Owl photo stitch free embroidery design 22

    This is stunning, Love it!!! Thank you Test 5. greatly appreciate your designs.
    This little monkey is so sweet. Looking forward to stitching him. Thank you so much.
  6. DeniseL

    Santa Claus free embroidery design 10

    I love this idea, thank you so much for this design. Happy stitching everyone.
  7. WOW WOW WOW my chin has hit the floor!!! GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so very much test5. Not sure when I'll get it stitched out, but it sure will be so wonderful seeing it come alive.
  8. DeniseL

    Big leo photo stitch free embroidery design

    This is outstanding embroidery. You are very talented, thank you very much.
  9. DeniseL

    Gorgeous butterfly machine embroidery design

    Oh my goodness this is so beautiful, I'm stitching this one out today. Thank you for sharing.