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    Totally awesome. Tons of little boys in our community that love sharks! Be great on upper left chest on a tshirt! Thank you!
    Can not wait to stitch out! New kitchen curtains i need!!
  1. Totally beautiful, cant wait to stotch it out!! Thank you!!
    Work continues to get in the way of other things, but this is totally beautiful and cannot wait to stitch it out! Lordy, so beautiful!!
    This "time piece" is so stunning and beautiful , i cant wait to stitch it out. Thank you so much.
  2. I can not wait to stitch this out. Thank you so much for sharing your work.
  3. Stunning to say the least. Can't wait to stit h out and have DH mat it and frame for DSTMother.
    I haven't stitched yet, but have NEVER had to worry on the quality of such BEAUTIFUL embroidery designs on this site.
    Haven't stitched yet, but adorable. Thank you so much!!
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