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  1. jodyl

    Santa Claus free embroidery design 9

    Owwwww can't wait to stitch this one out!! Thank you so much!
  2. All so so beautiful. Thank you!!
  3. Stunning to say the least. Can't wait to stit h out and have DH mat it and frame for DSTMother.
    I haven't stitched yet, but have NEVER had to worry on the quality of such BEAUTIFUL embroidery designs on this site.
    Haven't stitched yet, but adorable. Thank you so much!!
  4. jodyl

    Embroidered bag with free designs

    I can not wait to stitch this! absolutely beautiful and thank.you.so very very mich!!!Another WOW! Can't wait to stitch it out. Probably tomorrow.Thank you.