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  1. Thank you for the beautiful flower design.
  2. No secret how made it. 3D embroidery is done with satin embroidery stitches. Density is always set at twice the normal (aronund 0/4 if you using Wilcom embroidery software) as you mentioned. Use the same color foam as the embroidery thread, and you should get a pretty neat job. If any foam is left, a hair dryer will do the trick. Unless you know how to digitize, it would be easier to buy a premade alphabet already done for puff embroidery. Embroidery Library Projects will show you how it works and they also have alphabets for sale if that is what you need.
  3. I using this embroidery software and this ismy first digitizing software, but I have lot's of experience with other graphic software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator). So far, it gets the job done. I digitize all my embroidery designs. There are probably some more "smart tools" in Wilcom and Tajima, but I haven't needed them yet. Maybe in time I will. Or, may I just don't know what I don't know
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