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  1. Beautiful end product! I *really* appreciate your step by step pictures and further appreciate your mistakes and do-overs Not having a multi needle machine - I wonder if there is a different way that cording could be accomplished without looking like a failed after thought... Going to have to experiment with this idea. As always - beautiful work! Thank you for sharing Suzanne
  2. Thank you for posting this article! I have attempted to apply this type of thread to different applications - without success. I find, now that I save it primarily for items that I intend to give a child gifts IE: wide edging on a baby quilt, stipple, and in applications that I intend to be spread out (like mesh behind a monogram that is intended to be a bit funky). You almost have to have a "crazy outcome" intended for the end product when using this it seems. Thank you for your continued posts! Your tutorials are incredibly helpful for us up and comers Suzanne
  3. Thank you for your time with these postings and the value that they have. I am a new digitizer and *any* gems of instruction that seasoned digitizers can offer are MUCH appreciated. I like your idea of stitching out samples. I believe I am going to attempt a "book of stitches" from here on out so that I can actually reference my software the way you described. Thank you so much for your time (and talent) - A Grateful quiet watcher Thank-You Again Suzanne
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