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  1. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    Very simple machine embroidery design for a summer T-shirt. Monochrome designs are convenient for users taking the first steps in machine embroidery. There is an opportunity to gain invaluable experience and understand their mistakes. This is a minimum of additional materials, such as stabilizers. Size: 7.35 x 8.82'
  2. View File Woman free embroidery design Size: 7.35 x 8.82' Submitter Patch Submitted 11/04/2015 Category Woman and Girl  
  3. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    Size: 3.15 x 3.15'
  4. View File Seaship blackwork free embroidery design Size: 3.15 x 3.15' Submitter Patch Submitted 11/03/2015 Category Decoration free embroidery designs  
  5. Good day I have a question, they can also Baymax and Honey Leon embroidery design digitized ?
  6. Version Available formats: dst.


    Minimum size: 3.48 x 5.51'
  7. View File Flower wave free embroidery design Minimum size: 3.48 x 5.51' Submitter Patch Submitted 09/15/2015 Category Decoration free embroidery designs  
  8. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 3.96 x 3.96'
  9. View File Redwork pattern free embroidery design 11 Size: 3.96 x 3.96' Submitter Patch Submitted 09/03/2015 Category Redwork  
  10. Version Available formats: dst.


    Min hoop size: 5.28 x 7.19'
  11. Trio cross stitch free embroidery design View File Min hoop size: 5.28 x 7.19' Submitter Patch Submitted 08/20/2015 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs  
  12. I just bought a Viking Husqvarana SE and I have bought embroidery design from you what I want to know is now I have a bigger hoop size 240 x 150 (5x7) but I also have a mega hoop what I need to know if how do I get the embroidery design I buy from you bigger that a 5x7?
  13. Hello, Just want to thank you because you have great embroidery designs!
  14. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 6.89 x 8.39'