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  1. I recently retired my Singer Future and purchased a Brother DreamCreator XE innov-is vm5100.  I changed the information on my profile, however when I tried to download a pattern it still said Futura file.  Can I convert all previous patterns? How do I start getting the patterns in pes format?

  2. I just ordered some designs from you. My order # is 55815. The free machine embroidery designs all came through good and I downloaded them fine and will work in my pes. design software - but the Calgary Flames logo that I ordered, downloaded but will not work in my pes. design software!!! It keeps telling me that it is a "unexpected file format" which tells me that it is not downloading as a "pes. " file???  Help!

  3. With regard to order 52862 7th November 2015 eight snowflake faces.  I have downloaded these patterns but am having trouble with finding anything in some of the files.  For example snowflakes 8(Snowfla) 9(snowfl4) 11(snowfl6) are all loading and have sew with no problems.  But when attempting snowflakes 5(snofl1) 6(snowfl2) 7(snowfl3) 10(snowfl5) and 12(snowfl7) there appears to be nothing in the files and therefore nothing is sewing.  I have deleted and re-downloaded four times now and the result is the same.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated as these are lovely free embroidery designs and I would really like to be able to use them. As yet I haven't tried any of the other embroidery designs on this or my other order, but I am hoping all will be well with them when the time comes.

  4. I purchased a embroidery design from you a little while ago and because I had so many projects to work on I just noticed the embroidery design is incomplete. I purchased the Batman Vintage logo machine embroidery design and the bottom of the "B" in Batman isn't finished. It simply has the black background. This can't be the way it's supposed to be because it destroys the whole look of the embroidery design. I have attached a copy of the design I purchased. Can I get a completed design or another Batman embroidery design of my choosing in it's place, please? I love your site, by the way. Your designers are amazing!

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  5. You may be seeing my words twice here, I uploaded the 2 photos and now I don't see my text.  ???  But since I already lost one message to you, I copied it before uploading and here it is (again?).
    Thanks ever so much for your prompt reply!  Unfortunately as it didn't forward to my email, I only just saw it now while I was looking for the sizes of the patterns I purchased.

    How much do you charge for the digitizing?  I have images I scanned from a wall poster (12, I think), and a few that I photographed from the television (3 of these.  Quality is not great).  I'll attach one of each to give you an idea.

    I'd need them to fit inside a 2.5" square (definitely not more than 3" square) as they are for raglan sleeved shirts I'm making for my grandson and need to fit on the left breast.  However, if you offer the multi-sizes as you do for those I already purchased, that would be grand as sometimes I make fleece pullovers with kangaroo pockets and the larger ones would work well for that.

    Thank you for your time and attention.


    Embrodiery minecraft design

    Minecraft embroidery design

  6. During the check out process, a secret number was requested.

    I called the back the find out what it was. The person told me to use the number on the back of the card.

    That still didn't work. I closed the website. Went back in. Started from the shopping cart.

    Ooops, it worked....Twice.

    There are 2 order numbers, please Let me know that I will not be charged twice.

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