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  1. Wilcom is on sale. Today is the last day. $1495 instead of $5000 for the basic one. Just bought it last week. Better call them and order it today if you want the special. You also don't have to trade in your old program either. Best deal ever. We bought 3 basic users and one full version.
  2. any links you might know of where it breaks some of these basics down, a la embroidery 101? im just looking to make a design that is comparable to a sports team hat or a streetwear design that isn't too highly detailed, but maybe a step up from something very basic.
  3. thx for replies. yea, i am going strictly off designs i'm making in illustrator. i wasn't expecting that tfalk, i anticipated that it would be a different animal, hence the post.
  4. Hi, I have been rocking illustrator hard for a few months now. i have done a handfull of vector designs for t-shirts but i plan on making some kind of logo-ish design for a snapback. for people who have created designs in illustrator that have ended up as embroidery designs on a hat or snapback or similar, are there any general objectives i should be considering in terms of going about it differently than for t-shirt designs? i'm new to this, but i'm guessing there might be some different things to consider, or parameters i should follow when making a design that will end up being threaded
  5. You need to get yourself a clamp for your machine. Check out Hoop Tech I have one and we use it all the time for all the things you listed, except I've never done a boot of any sort, so I can't speak on that. It's an investment you won't regret!!!
  6. As it looks like you've done a lot of embroidery I'll ask you and when I can get the time put it in practice. I was embroidering on satin Ltwt satin and I had lots of puckers....so I done embroidery on satin--can't remember the size of the needle but it whatever they said I did. Used the sticky stabilizer they said to use Still got puckers not as many but still got puckers. Then I tried floating med wt stabilizer on the bottom.... still have a few puckers around the design. Have you embroidered on satin and if so what did you do. Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  7. Thanks for the input.. unfortunately.. I have no black bobbin thread. I did test bobbin tension it is fine.. and I have played with the thread tension and it looks better but still not great.. I will figure it out.
  8. Thanks.. that is what I was using.. and bobbin thread started showing on top.Not sure what is going on... only had machine 6 months.. first issue..and boy is it a good one.. I have "played" with tension.. Figured since I already ruined the one jacket I would just use it for my trials. Lettering is in black.. and looks grey because of the bobbin thread. I was hoping it was just the stabilizer..l guess not.
  9. I am trying to embroider a company logo on zippered hoodie jackets. Stitch count is 12400 are of stitching is 4" x 3". Mainly satin lettering with a small 1" square in corner. I have tried with a mesh cut away but bobbin thread is pulling up thru design. I have one jacket now that is for getting this set up correctly. I have cleaned machine, oiled, 3 different bobbins. Adjusted tensions on bobbin and needles... tried everything. I have tried mesh on back with solvy on front.. it still looks awful.. Could someone please give me some input. Thank you in advance for any wise wisdom yo
  10. I also put WSS (film type ) on top of the towel, this stops the stitching from sinking into the pile. This can be torn away easily when you have finished embroidering
  11. Hey! when you open your machine (MB-4), is there any message explaining its version? The current version for the RCS and the machine is 1.4. If same problem is occurring, then please visit to your dealer.
  12. Is that old version? I used it quite long ago. Do not go with auto digitizing with this Digitizer 10000 version. Auto designing is for BMP images (including JPG) without color graduations. You should go for manual digitizing tools. I also do not have any manual video for this Digitizer 10000 version. No worries!
  13. If you don't want to spend quite that much there is Digitizer Jr. I don't know how many digitized fonts are in it but I expect a few more than what you have. Since I don't own Digitizer Jr., I can't tell you what it has, but it is upgradeable to the full version when you might like to do that.
  14. Actually I do not see that the machine has much changes. I have played with it. the screen is larger, however there are still things that take up space on the screen which to me makes no difference and yes the wheel is gone but I do not see the screen being that much larger. Everything else is the same. the needle threader is nicer but I never had an issue with needle threader as long as its in the upmost posistion which is with all needle auto needle threader.
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