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  1. This is lovely, must try this one, soon. Thank you
  2. oh, this is wonderful. Hope to see more? thank you so much.
  3. My daughter ripped a hole in the top sleeve of her good sweater. This may be a perfect solution!
  4. Beautiful!!!! Can not wait to use it.
  5. Is there a color chart available? Please and thank you.
  6. My favorite flower! Thank you. Wonder what to put it on ...mmmmm....
  7. This little terry towel is able to be true highlight of your bathroom. It was made from usual fabric towel decorated with some small boxes. But due to Gold fish free embroidery design 2 this work piece became really original and memorable work piece with unique look. Please pay your attention of changing of original color scheme: now it is very suitable for main background.
  8. This is embroidered terry towel which is really necessary thing after taking bath or shower. Original thing already was decorated by some embroidered squares. But this simple idea was added by Gold fish free embroidery design 2. Author chose natural color scheme form this picture. It is mostly close to real color of goldfish in every sea, ocean or even aquarium.
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