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  1. Loving this cutwork embroidery tutorial. I have had a set of cutwork needles for some years now and would love to be able to use them in the embroidery instead of hand trimming. I just love your design. Keep up your good work.
  2. I hope you liked the way I used your beautiful design, love her
  3. I just noticed in your comments, about squinting to thread needles. 1. I place piece of white paper behind needle, eye is then visible and 2. there is a channel down front of needle, I cut thread at angle and gentle move it down this channel and it will slip right into the needle. Hope this helps :-)
  4. I am so lucky to have most of the above comments, it has taken about 2 years to get myself comfortable around this space. Have all my tools in plastic basket beside machine, my cutting table is now down to storage size and my laptop is on it. My threads are all in drawers, colour coded, my stabilisers are in arms reach and I have mobile wire drawers which the other day I finally stabilised the timber top with double sided tape and do my hooping there, it is great height, I have room to replace threads comfortably beside the 12 needle Happy, SO, I feel quite comfy and so does the machine. Thanks for your input above, could not find fault in any of your comments :-)
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