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  1. I am disappointment how this stitched out. Alot of empty space and flowers don't look like flowers. I don't know if I will do the 2nd half. I would like to see more detail.
  2. Embroideres designs that I have stitched on my embroidery design. Some designs were to large and I had to split design. I encourage anyone to to try just one design and you will fall in love and want to do more.
  3. I just finish stitching out. In the process of looking for this design. I found 4 more fairies that I would like to stitch out. Thanks Igor!!
  4. I just finished this awesome embroidery design. When I was stitching out the top part. I had one color wrong. I kept telling myself what is wrong here. I figured it out and redid the color. Thank you so much igor. I hope to see more designs like this so I can embroidery. These embroidery designs are addictive!
  5. Thanks for the design. I am currently stitching out. My hoop came undown. I think I have everything in the right place. cant wait until it finishes stitches out.
  6. was the picture on the purse changed in any way or done in different colors? The pic on the purse looks different from the original.
  7. This is a great design if slight improvements could be made. I stitched out twice. I think that the last two colors needed to be divided up into 3 or 4 colors. The last color blends into the flower, the cat and the background. I think the eyes need more detail so the eyes stand out more. I think a different for the back ground and different color for last color change for the flower and a different color for the last stitch out of the cat. If this was done I feel this would make the flower and cat pop out more.
  8. I love this design. I would have liked it to be a little bit bigger.
  9. I did several of these. I love the design.
  10. I made this on the back of my jacket. Well with it for any one to try.
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