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  1. Hi I am about to check out and love your site. Right now I am on my iPad ordering as I could not get to you on my lap top no matter how hard I tried. I would put in embroideries.com and it would take me to other sites. After an hour I gave up and went back to my iPad. And registered with you. My hope is that you will send my order to my e-mail so I can download it using flash drive as obviously my iPad has no flash drive support. By the way I love your site. My format is pes. My friend will be so happy when I give him a hat with the Harvey Davidson logo embroidery design. I am disabled and go
  2. When I order sometimes I don't get everything I order. When I come back to the site I see something that I have ordered and check my order downloads and files are not there. Order #9967 is missing: http://embroideres.com/embroidery-catalog/legends-south-pacific-embroidery-designs/hawaii-badge2-embroidery-design http://embroideres.com/embroidery-catalog/legends-south-pacific-embroidery-designs/hawaii-badge-embroidery-design is the only one in order. I bought both.
  3. I did a banner with 6 segments. I first created the entire design full size and made a print-out of it full size. I then made the 6 separate files sized for the largest hoop and and printed each of them. I put the first print on top of the fabric and and aligned each of the 6 hoopings over it and the fabric and could then put placement markings on the fabric for each of the six segments. Hope this makes sense, it's hard to explain in words.
  4. I just have a question. It seems there are two different areas for free designs. One says add to cart, the other area says to download when you are on a certain design. Why does this area say to download? I tried it and all I got was a virus on my computer that took my husband all night to fix. Is there anyway to get the "download" designs to my cart. Thanks Jody Heron
  5. How and when will I receive this PES file? Sorry, I am new to your site and have not found out about these things yet ! I can't wait to get this file, and my son can't wait to get his T shirt done !! I look forward to your reply.
  6. I have embroidered some of the free patterns and there is some spaces between the stiches could you tell me if this is natural? I have a commercial machine and use a DST format. Also does all your patterns support the DST format???
  7. I placed items in my cart and chose the Brother PES format. I have a Babylock embroidery machine that supports the PES format. Will the Brother PES format work with my Babylock? After receiving your answer I will either place my order or empty the cart.
  8. I am a first time customer and I just purchased 4 images and I need to know how to download those images? Thanks!
  9. I have a customer that wants some embroidery on stall curtains. The embroidery design is larger than what I can embroider on my TMXF-15 embroidery machine. Does anyone have any tips or experience they can share? Thank You
  10. I do not understand where to download the files to my computer. I need the files in VIP format.
  11. Are you having any issues with it? Do you have all of the functions? I appreciate all of your inout. We have a pc but would like our next compouter to be a mac. Thanks again,
  12. I would like to pay for my order 3158, I clicked on paypal and it wouldn't process payment, now I go on your web site and I can't click on anything to pay.
  13. I have by some embroidery designs from you library and I think i have made an error. My machine is Brother innovis 900 from brother and support only 10 x10 model. Some of those that i by don't work can you help me please?
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