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  1. Oh wow, this is just ace! many thanks
  2. this is just want I need, I will show you when finished, Thank you
    It looks great, I will stitch it out tomorrow and comment
  3. Is it possible for you to see the Park; I have enjoyed this but there is an open spot; I am still going to frame it but wondered - is it me and I have missed a colour or is it in the design The space is on the left between the first and secong tree
    this is great, I just need to shorten it a little
    brilliant thank you
    I think that this bear is lovely but would have lied instructions. Thank you for it
  4. Please advise me - how do I do this fabulous design when my largest hoopis 12 * 7 inches
  5. I tried this but wanted to do it in two sittings to fit smaller hoop but it didn't work out - how can I reduce the size without spoiling the design?
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