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    this is great, I just need to shorten it a little
    brilliant thank you
    I think that this bear is lovely but would have lied instructions. Thank you for it
  1. Please advise me - how do I do this fabulous design when my largest hoopis 12 * 7 inches
  2. I tried this but wanted to do it in two sittings to fit smaller hoop but it didn't work out - how can I reduce the size without spoiling the design?
  3. I have tried this but had to control and resize to make it smaller for my hoop, but am not sure if this was the correct way to make it smaller???? Please advise
  4. how can I divide this pattern - which is stunning, to sew on a smaller hoop?
    Lovely finish against a white background
  5. Hello and Merry Christmas.  I have purchased an embroidery machine this last year and have spent hours and hours working with all the techniques and learning precise artistic abilities with the machine.  I am looking forward to continue my journey in this amazing artistic delight.

    will defo have a go at these. Fingers crossed, today I will try this one, it looks great though
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