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  1. this is just want I need, I will show you when finished, Thank you
    It looks great, I will stitch it out tomorrow and comment
  2. Is it possible for you to see the Park; I have enjoyed this but there is an open spot; I am still going to frame it but wondered - is it me and I have missed a colour or is it in the design The space is on the left between the first and secong tree
  3. oh shame but thank you. Is there a video on how to split the design so that it can be done on a smaller hoop?
  4. My largest hoop is 360*200: will I spoil your wonderful designs if I try to make them smaller in some cases?
    this is great, I just need to shorten it a little
    brilliant thank you
    I think that this bear is lovely but would have lied instructions. Thank you for it
  5. Please advise me - how do I do this fabulous design when my largest hoopis 12 * 7 inches
  6. I tried this but wanted to do it in two sittings to fit smaller hoop but it didn't work out - how can I reduce the size without spoiling the design?
  7. I have tried this but had to control and resize to make it smaller for my hoop, but am not sure if this was the correct way to make it smaller???? Please advise
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