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  1. Thanks for all these awesome designs. my good friend daughter is getting married. i may use your designs for the veil on a pillow . thank you,
  2. My grandson is going to love this dog. He is 12 and rescues dogs. He has been along with his family fostering dogs. this dog is awesome. Thank you for this free dog
  3. IS there a design to go with this how to? looks easy after you are kind to show us how . This is cute. Thank you.
  4. When i stitch on felt. I don't hoop it I hoop the stablizer and pin the felt to the stablizer and it stitches out great.
  5. I would love to see peacocks in female, and male and also with their tails or feathers spread out , baby peacocks. thank you,
  6. can't wait to stitch this. my machine can do large designs what software progam are you using to photo stitch? thank you nice design
    I love these. I want to see adult theme designs. KO Designs and Disneymade use to do some many moons ago that were awesome
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