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    Very Pretty, sewed out well.
    Want to put it on a sofa pillow, it is adorable... thanks
  1. Wayne, also I have a Brother Innovis 2800 and they told me also to get the PE I believe it is all about money with them and they are over rated from what I'm told. Here in the US they want 1500.00 dollars I'm not that rich...Lol Good Luck..
  2. Hi Wayne, I also have several of the "free" software, those can only do so much. I have been looking into the Embrilliance line. It has several parts to it but they are very much affordable and if there are parts you don't want you don't have to purchase them. I belong to several FB sites and everyone uses different software however I haven't heard anything negative about this line.. Hope this helps.... Nana to 9
  3. ABSOLUTELY Beautiful. I was blown away when I saw this on my Pinterest page. Thank-you for letting it be free. Thank-you.. Gorgeous!!
  4. This is just to adorable. Thank-you for the design!
  5. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you I can't wait to put it on something. I love your embroideries so much I put them on anything that needs a touch of art. Thank you again...
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