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  1. I just saw the drop down arrow at the color chart screen and was able to get the Isacord color/numbers. Thank you. all is well.
  2. Just checking if your website has any thread color conversion charts. I did print out the color chart for the Chip and Dale design I just bought. I tried looking at other conversion charts from Robison-Anton to Isacord, but I do not see any of the colors on those charts. I know I can (and will probably have to) just figure out which colors to use from looking at the picture of the design, but, of course, so much faster to just see if I have the colors needed by looking at #'s of colors, etc. The color chart I printed from your site lists Analog 1 and Analog 2, Admelody Poly. I
  3. Same with me. I have tried to rename but it does not work. What is the problem? Help me please. Hany.PXF TEJT2-C1501--07680 : Failed to output the file.Unable to query the design list on the Design Spooler.(6007).
  4. What happens if you change the name of the design? I do not think the spooler will like the ' . What version of DG/ML are you using?
  5. HI are their any news on the designs, of, tatty, teddy bear that I ask you to please, make in to embroidery designs. I sent you lots of pictures, for you to look at and still hoping that you can find the time to make them. [You need some new designs.in the tatty teddy class. xxx thank you.] PS hoping to see the one with the hat made up first, please.
  6. I am interested in a sports logo for West Virginia University. I would like to do a set of towels and to put on a quilt. Do you have one or can I have it digitized. Could you please send me a cost for digitizing. Thank you
  7. Do you have or can you do the Fred Perry Logo for t shirts Kind regards
  8. Can this be used Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo embroidery design on a brother se-400, 4x4 hoop?
  9. Hi there, My daughter would love an embroidery of the dragon 'Toothless' from the movie 'How to Train your Dragon'. Would you have any machine embroidery designs of him? I have attached one from the internet to show you what he looks like. If I wanted this design digitized, can you please advice how much it would cost? Thanks,
  10. I am needing to know which are the PES files in the downloads. I have trouble with some of the designs and wonder if I am choosing the correct format from the files.
  11. i am getting ready to place an order, but was just wondering if you would have any jacaranda flower and also dinosaur machine embroidery patterns.
  12. I\'m interested on the Brother embroidery machine Entrepreneur Pro 1000e. Please provide the quotation. Best Regards;
  13. Do you have any beetlejuice and Lydia embroidery designs? Also do you have any Alice in wonderland hooka worm machine embroidery designs. Many thanks
  14. How do I get a logo digittised.?. How much, approximately , cost? Thank you
  15. I have paid for this order via credit card and now do not know how to download it onto my USB. Please help as I need these designs as soon as possible. Thank you.
  16. Thank you so very much for the unzipped files . I will pares on to others just how good and kind to us that don't no much of today's technologies . Once again thank you
  17. do you have the list of the order under Lorraine. She swears there was a Peter Pan with TInker bell laying in his arms. I dont remember. The other one was Tinkerbell 6 (has purple in it). these are the two she cannot download.
  18. Apparentely I have done something wrong. Could you tell me on the most recent order placed by my mother on this account, which characters were Peter Pan or TInkerbell or both. She said she has duplicates from a previous order. I am so sorry. I logged into the account but I do not see the order her and I did together. ( I thought it was March 1, 2014)
  19. Thank you for this. I just saw my mother and gave her the information. I should know tomorrow whether or not this will work. Sorry this took so long. My mother does not have a computer and my daughter and I help her.
  20. I am not sure how to answer the question. I just download the same way as the others, and I put the thumb drive into my sewing machine. I am not home at time, but what should I do with to my machine in order to upload?
  21. I purchased several embroidery downloads on March 1, 2014. I have been trying to download Peter Pan w/TInkerbell ($7.00), and Tinkerbell 6 ($7.00) and they will not download. Please refund my credit card for these. Thank you.
  22. Hello once again, these patterns are all zipped and I don't know how to in zip them.. Would you be able to unzip and send them to me as I am not that good with technology, I've tried getting people to unzip them for me and no one knows how to.. Just wondering if you could possibly unzip just the Jeff files and send them to me so I will be able to use them
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