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  1. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 3.83 x 4.84'
  2. View File Christmas candle and bell free embroidery design Size: 3.83 x 4.84' Submitter RangerMorrisWife Submitted 09/28/2015 Category Christmas free embroidery designs  
  3. Please help me download my free wizard teddy bear embroidery design. I have downloaded my paid design but can\'t download the wizard teddy bear.
  4. Can you help me with you Emcom App for iPhone 5S, please. I want to be able to use it to store all the colors of embroidery tread I currently own. I also can't figure out how to convert one color of embroidery thread to another. I had a friend help me, but they also couldn't figure out how to use it. BTW, it doesn't work at all on my iPad. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and still doesn't work. Thanks,
  5. I am having trouble downloading the file for my purchase. I have tried everything that I know how to do. My machine is a Brother PE 500. It will only allow me to download .pes and .dst files. Can you help?
  6. No I am aware how to properly download from my computer to my sewing machine as I states in the email I successful download from other websites. I am unable to load the SF 49ers symbol that I bought from your site. Is there a way you can resize my order to load to my sewing machine? Are your downloads even compatible with the machine I have?
  7. I have a Brother SE425 embroidery machine and have had no problems loading files to embroider with other websites although I am unable to load any of the files I have ordered. I am bring to load them as PES files
  8. Try renaming the file and leave out the apostrophe. Don't know if this will help but some special characters cause problems in file names.
  9. This is nice set of two terry towels decorated on motives of popular animation film about Frozen sisters. It has thematic color scheme in cold shades. Each towel is embellished by beautiful portrait of one of sisters. They are Elsa embroidery design 3 and Adorable Anna embroidery design. Furthermore it is added by name of its little owner. This child will be definitely happy to have such original bath accessory.
  10. There is cool set of two terry towel which is able to please almost each teenage girl or boy. The reason is not only that it is convenient thing for bath and shower. It is because each of them is decorated with original Monster High Frankie Stein embroidery design. This animation film is very popular now all over world.
  11. Hello, I purchased the Green Bay Packer Helmet embroidery design #3169 on Order # 016433. I see that in your FAQ that you resize for free. I am needing this resized to 768 X 595 mm. I have tried to resize in my machine program but it is not looking good. Thank you very much.
  12. This is cool and original little handbag executed from practical smooth leather. Its front side is decorated with The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 machine embroidery design. This is extraordinary picture based on many bones. If your friend celebrate Halloween this work piece may be very good gift for this holiday. Or if you do it you can make it for yourself.
  13. This is funny terry towel of small size. It is useful thing for drying your hands or face. But it is also good accessory for your bathroom which is able to raise your mood right at morning. It is because of Funny banana Minion machine embroidery design used for its decoration. It is very simple picture made with only one color of thread.
  14. My embroidery machine is a Brother Innovis 750e. Hoop size is 4 x 4 inches or 5 x 7 inches. Format is PES I have stated before that I need PES format and on occasions have needed you to resend things before,but Funny Bunny still keeps coming up with 'Unexpected File' and will not open. Thank you
  15. Hi, I would be interested in purchasing the Harley-Davidson Logo embroidery you have on the site as \'free\'. Is there a way I can purchase it as a single item? I currently don\'t need other items to get it \'free\
  16. I purchased the Breitling watch logo embroidery design. All of the designs show up and are too large for my machine (Brother PE-150) except the smallest breitl.pes which does not show up in pe-basic. I can see the downloaded file but the pe-basic software does not recognize. Can you help? Thanks!
  17. what is the color change chart for this embroidery design. color listed, but no sequence???
  18. Hi, I recently purchased George Peppa Pig with caterpillar embroidery design, I have downloaded the file and transferred it to the compact flash drive but when I try to load it onto the machine, it comes up with an error saying the file is damaged. I have tried putting it onto a drive with other designs on it, and then again tried it on a blank drive but neither have worked. Are you able to help? Thanks,
  19. Hey, I am searching for several of the Rainbow Brite characters to make quilt blocks, and then quilt it for my granddaughter for Christmas and I noticed you have a few of them. I would like to know if you are planning on adding any more of them any time soon. The main characters I am looking for are Patty O'Green, Moonglo, Skydancer, Shy Violet (standing) and Indigo (facing front). Oh, and Starlite. I have found several places that offer Starlite, but there is not any red in the tail. Now, I know that is not a big deal, but my four year old will know immediately, she is a little too smart for our good. LOL. I will attach the images I am talking about. If you are not planning on adding these, do you know of where I might find them? I need to get started on this very soon if I am going to have it completed by Christmas. Thanks
  20. Several months ago, I contacted you asking if you planned on offering some of the additional Rainbow Brite characters. I wanted to check on the status of that. I am particularly looking for Patty O\'Green, Moonglo, and skydancer, although I plan on purchasing all of the color kids, tickled pink, stormy, puppy, baby, kitty and the horses. I have emailed several different people about this, but would like to purchase all of them from one person. Could you give me an update on this? Thanks Sara
  21. I don\'t see anywhere on your site where it says if your designs can be used commercially. I have a cloth diaper company wanting me to do custom embroidery on their diapers using licensed designs, eg. Harley Davidson, Batman, Superman, etc. Can you tell me where I would find the the commercial use waiver on your site?
  22. I am using Stitch Era . Is there a way to adjust the column width of the lettering? Hope everyone enjoys a Happy New Year! Thanks,
  23. I would like to purchase a custom made coat of arms for my family in pes. format; do you do custom orders? You can also reach or text me by phone
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