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  1. I have downloaded a free embroidery design which is a bird design. It is an empty file. I drag it across to my usb file and when I put it into my machine, its not there. I have successfully downloaded a lot of designs off your website. Please help me.
  2. I just placed an order and the page went off before I downloaded my designs. How do I get it back so I can download them?
  3. i cant find the colors for the embroidery design could i have a pdf color chart please. i need it asap thank you
  4. I just purchased the Illinois Fighting Illini logo machine embroidery design, which stitches very well. I would like to find out if it could be made even smaller? I would like to have it as a 2" X 2" as close to that size as possible and keeping it in proportion? How much would it cost to have this done?
  5. This is nice terry towel designed especially for children. It has not only pleasant fluffy surface which is able to dry skin quickly but also convenient hood not to overcool wet head. This cute work piece is decorated with funny embroidered picture in cartoon style. It shows circus lion on pedestal ready to jump. This thing will definitely by loved by your child.

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  6. This is nice terry towel of deep bright color. It is very useful thing after bath or at beach. Furthermore due to funny and original picture from well known cartoon it will be definitely liked by your child. This picture is SpongeBob embroidery design. It will be not only interesting decoration for this work piece but also unique mark for towel.
  7. This is fine set of two terry towels prepared for two little boys who like angry birds. Their author used Angry birds embroidery design for decoration of each work piece. Furthermore they have identical color and size. As a result we see two same towels not to provoke quarrel between boys. Only difference between these towels is embroidered names of their owners.
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