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  1. It is original and beautiful bag which is most suitable for person who loves cats very much. You may find pictures of cats in all smallest details: on keychain, on handle, on pockets etc. But main picture embellish front side of this nice textile bag. It is Curious cat embroidery design. It is portrait of cat looking at dark sky.
  2. calpirinja

    Edmana Meyerhoff (SewingArtZ)

    5 Stunden später und fertig war das geniale Design. Die Details sind fantastisch, trotz der lange Stickzeit.Ich bedanke mich recht ❤️lich für diese tolle Stickdatei!!!
  3. A pillow with this fantastic Design, thx for this, i love it❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. Wow, great Design...thx for this <3<3<3 but....why so large? My biggest Hoop is 360cm x 200cm.... :-( i cant stitching*shit*
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