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  1. Hey: I'm new to this site. In updating my profile, my machine is not listed (Brother, Simplicity - SB7900) I fudged it and put in Simplicity 7500. The hoop size came up as 100m x 100m What size is that and how do I change to inches?
  2. My original machine was vp3, but my brand new machine kept breaking, so I've bought a used machine that is absolutely fantastic, but is PES. Can I get the files that I've already purchased changed to PES? Thanks so much
  3. please i\'m battling with digitizing i got a basic training on wilcom that i learnt so please can you help me.
  4. Does the agreement mean that I can only use this design for personal use? I'd like to make some tote bags for my friends. They would like to pay me for my time and materials.
  5. Just found your site and ordered some embroidery designs. I love your variety and will be back for more. I do have a problem though... I selected formats JEF, VP3 and PES because I have three different embroidery machines. I found that the PES files were not with my order. Could you please send them to me as this format is my "main" machine.
  6. I could not get them to transfer to my brother pe500 I tried everyway I know to transfer and it would not
  7. Hi, I trust all is well! Firstly...amazing designs, wow! Do yu guys have a software program as well? Have an elna xquisit machine and had xpressive software. Seems like there software is now outdated and no longer available to me so looking for a sotware program so that I could get some of your designs. Thanks!
  8. My question is if you do digitazion of the face of donatella and the boy of tokidoki and what is the price . Thanks for you answer
  9. I need this pattern in a smaller size- approx. 3.5cm up to 3.9cm. Is that a possibility?
  10. Hi: I was looking through the pictures of items sent in by users and found free embroidery designs that I would really like to have. The title above the pictures shows them as “free cats designs embroidered 1” though 4. They look kind of like cats sketches. I searched around the site, but couldn’t find them. Maybe you could help me with that. Below are pictures of the designs that I would like to find.
  11. I download this item and it will not load to my pe500 I tried every way I know how to get it loaded.
  12. They downloaded to my machine just fine. Thank you ever so much ..with all the cold weather we are having this weekend (-23 tomorrow morning), it will be a good time to work on a couple of projects for two little girls who loved the movie, Frozen. Thanks again.
  13. Hi could you digitize a machine embroidery design of sons of anarchy for me please size about 7x10 got back of a jacket and how much ??? Thank you I can send you a pic if needed x
  14. I would like to purchase a Mickey Mouse embroidery design I see you show different size ,How do I go about choosing the size I need? Thank you ,Maria (I tried to contact you on your site and it kept telling me
  15. I am logged in on my PC and can access the download files. However, I cannot seem to download any of them. How am I supposed to do that? I click on the icon in the upper right of the box where the image of the design is, but nothing happens. Please tell me how to download files from your site. Thank you.
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