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  1. Dear Igor, wanted to thank you from a bottom of my heart for your exceptional talent. Stitched out a few designs I\'ve purchased, and they have turned out just gorgeous. Although I did not receive two downloads from my Order - Lion and Geisha free embroidery.. Do you know what happened? I guess I need another life-time to stitch out everything I like from your collection :-) Best regards, Jenny.
  2. Would you be able to digitise the football logo embroidery for the Bristol Team? If you don\'t have it, I can send you a copy. Thank you
  3. I was wanting to purchase the Porsche logo embroidery but the smallest is 4.43 i believe inches...is it able to still work on a 4x4 embroidery machine!? Thanks so much!
  4. I purchased Olaf embroidery design earlier this year. Is it possible to have you make me one that is 2.5\" tall & if yes, what would be the cost? Have a customer that wants lettering with it but he needs to be smaller to fit on shirt. I cannot get the stitch count to reduce & the outline turns into a blob when reduced. Breaks thread, also makes a mess on back. Puckering badly. Let me know if you can help.
  5. I just want to order some embroidery designs and this is a nightmare.
  6. Hello I would like to know do up send out designs on disk. if you do what is the cost and how long before i would receive in Georgia
  7. You have digitized for me before I was wonder if you could do this for me. I have attached the item, just the grey and black with outline of item as is 3" on pes.......light to medium grey back ground with finished edging of same grey And black wording..... Please let me know.
  8. For some reason items i select wont load to the cart. I get an error message that I have encountered a problem. Tried many times. I therefore cant place my order and am unable to order the free ship design that I was so looking forward to in ART format. Very disappointed.
  9. I wanted to know how many designs I am allowed to download for free. And do I need to buy so many in order to get the free ones?
  10. Is it possible to Rotate or Mirror an object after another object has been created after it? How us this ...
  11. I?ve created several objects (dragged and dropped motifs) and I?d like to delete one or more of them. Don?t seem to be able to select just one, just the entire block.
  12. I am trying to get mitered corners for my applique and every time i try, it keeps it at a swiped corner. What am i doing wrong?
  13. When you set it up, look in the panel on the right, change the Profile to Tajima Standard. If I remember right, when I did my 92-name setup it was on Generic, and that did mess up the trims on the finished stitch file. They were still all centered though. Try the Profile and see if that helps, and of course make sure the initial text is centered *before* activating the NameDrop feature.
  14. Al, which method are you setting up? Are you doing a separate DST per name? I used this feature a couple of weeks ago to help someone on a job with 92 names, and they were all centered. It wasn?t the Arial font though.
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