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  1. hi,,I just purchased your blackhawk embroidery logo,,,months ago i purchased the blackhawk Indian embroidery,,and you were able to resize it for me..I was wondering if you could make the one I purchased the am,,smaller also?..I was hoping for a size closer to 2 1/2 x 2..if possible without ruining the pattern...thank you.
  2. Hi, Could you give a price for 2 pictures to be digitized please ? Kind Regards
  3. Hi I see you do custom digitizing I am wanting these sport team logotypes digitised what would the cost be and how long would it take.
  4. Hi, I saw football logos on your site recently & I was ready to order the Liverpool & Everton badges. I strated to do the order, but cannot find the Everton badge! Can you help please as I can't do one without the other in this football mad city of Liverpool!! Cheers
  5. I put this logo in my cart earlier and it didn\'t come with my downloads, can you let me know why. Thank you for your time.
  6. How long does it take to receive the download that I ordered?
  7. Hi, please can you send me your email address so I can send the logo to you to see if you are able to make the logo. Many Thanks
  8. I order this Bronco Denver New logo embroidery pattern 9365 on 06-05-14 .there is a problem when I started the pattern it shows a pattern on top of the other one so I ran it and that's what it did it embroidery a 4x4 and then right over top it did a 5x7 so i tryed to by pass the 4x4 and i started the 5x7 well it did not work .
  9. Hi, am I permitted to sell items that I have created using your embroidery designs? Many thanks
  10. I did and found several but was wondering what the status of Patty O'Green & Skydancer was or if you are planning on adding them to your collection. I will attach the photos of both of these. Thanks
  11. I click on a design to add to the cart, and then added a second one, and it said I had exceeded the allowed designs. I then get rid of one and update the cart, yet it still says I have exceeded my limit. I am not able to get the designs. What is wrong? I tried this some weeks ago, and got the same thing. Why is it saying I have exceeded my limit, when I cannot even add one design? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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