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  1. When the site tells me I have a certain number of free downloads, are these the downloads listed in the catalog as free embroidery designs? Or do I get to choose from other categories in the catalog? If I choose other categories, how do I download them for free?
  2. can you make the Hula Minion, with the coconut bra and grass skirt. I can't find an embroidery pattern anywhere of that one but it is no problem to find all the others..... please let me know soon we have a party in two weeks I need it for .... Thanks
  3. Wonderful embroidery designs in your library, but I can not fine wolf, feather or eagle in a mosaic embroidery design which was posted on face book. can you hlp me find them?? love them
  4. MY designs haven't been added to my order history. The amount for them has already been taken off of my card, and right before my comp crashed it said download designs so I'm wondering what happened to the designs that I just ordered.
  5. Can you make a Boston Red Sox \"B\" with the American flag in it like you did the NY Yankees logo embroidery design ?
  6. Hi could you please tell me where the Alice blue and white dress comes from I would like the embroidery designs but want pattern of dress if you have this info would be greatly appreciated regards
  7. I have just bought a new computer windows 8.1 - I have PE Design 6 unfortunately the computer does not recognize the card reader is there a solution to this or will I have to upgrade
  8. checking to see if it is possible to get this embroidery design smaller? i need it for a left chest, approx no taller than 3.5 inches tall
  9. I purchased the 3609 ford flame logo I am wondering if it can be enlarged to twice the size that it is thank you
  10. When ordering embroidery designs can i get the design in two format because i have a brother and a bernina?
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