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  1. When I choose a free embroidery design it tells me that I have exceeded my limit of free items. I have not received any free designs from you. Do you offer free designs only if you purchase something?
  2. Butterfly lace applique Butterfly lace applique (Bat14x20.pes) Butterfly lace applique (Bat14x20a.pes) Butterfly lace applique (Bat14x20b.pes) Butterfly lace applique (Bat14x20c.pes) Butterfly lace applique (Bat14x20d.pes) Butterfly lace applique (Bat14x201.pes) Butterfly lace applique (center.pes) Butterfly lace applique (color-chart-Bat14x20.jpg) so as you can see there is only 1 side of the butterfly, the right side is missins
  3. in the order for butterflies BAT 14x20, 14x20 a b c and d , it is only half of the butterfly, where is the other half. The body of the butterfly I am assuming is Butterfly 3: CENTER. Please assist
  4. Just a little confused. Just hopefully you can assist. In the most recent order, I received half of the beautiful Butterfly lace applique free embroidery design . I don't seem to have the other half. It looks like I got the body of the butterfly but not the right side
  5. On your web site you state that we can pay by almost any method...without VAT and so on... pay pal method or credit card method both are available for almost every payment card... But the reality is a bit different... my VISA card can not be accepted.. why? because it is a Romanian VISA card or what?? I paid with it several times on different sites and it was no problem. I must tell you that I m really disappointed on you, especially by the fact that you do not mention it on the site, you let the customer go all way through the registration and the payment methods and so on and in the end..
  6. Hi apologies for emailing but I'm unsure how to promote a new embroidery design collection. Could you look into Dr Who - very popular in England and it would be great to have your great quality embroidery designs.
  7. GOOD AFTERNOON, Receive greetings, I HAVE A PURCHASE ORDER, IN QUESTION, THAT IS, IF I PAY IN WINDOW, do not trust MODES card payments. Thank you.
  8. Hi I\'m not sure what size patch to purchase it\'s to go on my work shit. Which is a size 2 thank you
  9. This is me again. There is no way I can embroider this design. In the order that I received, I cannot find the 125mmx125mm design that should actually fit my large ( hoop. The smallest one I received is 28843 st., and the one you show in the page is 28808 st. Could you help me with this?
  10. I own a Janome 10001. Is there a way I can get a design that will fit my hoops? After buying this design I realized it was too big.
  11. I use the pec format but I have already reordered it from someone else. I needed it then. Thank you for returning my email. I think I messed up trying to access it and then when I figured it out, the time had expired.
  12. I ordered the Appalachian State University logo embroidery design. You sent it to me by email but I can't get it downloaded into my machine. Can you send me some instructions on how to do this. Thank you!
  13. Hello, I have made a new account on www.embroideres.com. When I made the payment I received the same message as on the previous site. The message is: The expiration date entered is invalid. Enter valid expiration date or try another card Please cancel this order also. Thank you and have a nice day,
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