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    Beautiful design, but sadly it misses out some of the detail on the cat, leaves and around the left edge. I have managed to fill it in by hand, but could do with being re-digitised to correct the issues. It is a really beautiful design though.
    Hiya. I love this design. However I attempted to stitch it out today, but the orange stitch section goes out of sync with the satin outline stitch. I've tried to stitch it out twice now, but it's done it both times, So frustrating as it's a stunning design. I use the pes format.
    This is a beautiful design. I've used it today to make a cushion for my mother in Law. It stitches out fabulously. Really great. Thank You for such a gorgeous design. I've added in a little bit of beadwork to the head-dress and upper body of the dress too
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