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  1. hi i want 2 get your free embroidery "Strawberry Shortcake 5 " only item in my cart but your site say i have to pay R0.04 and I exceed my limit. which is not true. please help
  2. i have only 1 free embroidery design in my cart and you say limit is over.????
  3. I would like to get this design: Teddy Bear Wizard free embroidery design. I try to put it in my cart, but it will not go to check out.
  4. was able to download the color chart and one size of pes file are all four sizes in the one file? MB
  5. I just purchased the FCB Barcelona logo embroidery for my Embroidery machine. I have a VP3 Husqvarna. I new to this and I need a color chart for this embroidery logo. Can you please provide one for me? And I didn't know I could get some free embroidery designs when I bout this. Can I still get the free one? Thank you for any help you can give. Sincerely,
  6. I am looking for a sesame street road sign like you have shown but I was wondering if I would be able to take Sesame street embroidery design off with my digitizing software and add a child\'s name. I am working with BES lettering 2. Is the embroidery design all connected?
  7. i bought the Youshi embroidery design. I needed the pes for my Brother machine. Unfortunately it is not working. If I load it to my machine, it is not showing up there.
  8. just wanted to clarify - I can only download your free embroiderydesigns if i order something, correct?
  9. Can you digitize the Thundercat machine embroidery design in an .exp format? thank you,
  10. I just purchased some designs. I got them downloaded okay but I noticed there were several downloads for each design. There was a 1 at the end of one of them, there was an "a", "b", and a "c" after the others. Which one do I need to save to my jump drive? What is the difference in each of these? Also, I would like some of your free embroidery designs but I have a 4x4 frame and I couldn't find any that would fit my machine. Do you not have any that are smaller?
  11. Hi, It says I can download 7 free embroidery designs. I Chose 7 and there is a price for them in my cart. How do I get them for free? Thank you,
  12. Thank you for your quick reply. My hoop size is 145mm x 255mm. I am using the Editor Lite version 5 embroidery module on Bernina Aurora 440 sewing Machine. I am always using the art format for all my embroidery, I am unable to write the design to the machine. I have not used the EXP format. (my machine is not a commercial machine).
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply. I am able to download the designs to my computer and I can see the Teddy bear after shower embroidery design on the computer. However I am unable to transfer the design to my Bernina Aurora 440 sewing machine to sew out this design. I tried to reduce the size to see if I can transfer to the sewing machine but still did not work. All my other designs work fine. Can you help please? Regards,
  14. Hi, I have purchased order #025643 and paid by PayPal today. I am not able to download the embroidery design. Please advise as what I can do to download (Art format). Many thanks
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