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  1. this is my first time with your company. I love your designs and have ordered 2 but am confused about how they come. With Embroidery Library, I can choose an unzipped file to download as well as color sheets. I can't see how to do this with your purchase email.
  2. my mc9900 keeps getting a warning..it only shows the foot pedal with the cord hooked up to the machine. I have to reset it by turning the machine off or unplugging the pedal cord. It's difficult to sew anything because its a constant warning. Thank you,
  3. Hi there! I purchased the Starlight horse embroidery design (under the Rainbow Brite tab) on a different website yesterday. I had a great deal of trouble stitching it because the stitch density was ridiculous. (My machine couldn't\'t handle it at 10 stitches deep). Your starlight embroidery design looks identical with identical dimensions...are your stitch densities less or will I have the same problem if I buy this file?
  4. Hi was after the west ham United logo and noticed that you have a picture of it in your gallery but searched site and couldn't find it. I am after it in pes format. What would it cost
  5. I have used your designs before when I had a brother machine that died very quickly. I have recently purchased a Singer Futura machine. When I was looking at the machine embroidery designs I noticed that on the details of the formats that is says Singer: xxx as opposed to the other machines which actually have different formats listed after the brand names. Does this mean that the embroidery designs are not available for Singer?
  6. I bought the Monster high logo embroidery design and was wondering if i could get it in a certain size? Height 2.25" and whatever that works out in width is fine. Thanks,
  7. I have just bought a singer studio S 10 I bought some free embroidery designs from you and they do not work I downloaded them in singer xxx I know my machine takes JEF format but the JEF format says Janome sewing embroidery machine. I do not know what to do next ... any help would be appreciated.
  8. Question: I would like to use this design to make a beanie. Is it possible to get this design in a smaller size? Possibly 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch?
  9. Can you make these... they are very much in demand Thank you
  10. Please make Pokemon embroidery designs.. They will sell very much because of the famous Pokémon Game..I am also sending you a link of the clipart's.. they are nice
  11. hi can this design be made smaller to fit on a cap please no higher then 50mm in pes format please
  12. Hello, I am wondering if you have the attached image in a DST format? If not can you create it? IF so how long would it take and how much would it cost. Thank you
  13. I am looking for a cross stitch file The key to my heart can I buy it or perhaps download it for free. I can't seem to find it at your homepage.
  14. Any chance you can make that logo smaller? Looking for that in an approx. 3"-4" logo
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