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  1. Carlyn

    beautifful pony

    This is lovely. Can you tell me if there is a color chart and can you please provide the design in xxx format? Thank you :-)
  2. This is very cute, I can't wait to stitch it out. Thank you!
  3. Carlyn

    Cat photo stitch free embroidery design 2

    Very cute, will stitch it out soon. Thank you!
  4. Carlyn

    Rose decoration free embroidery design

    Beautiful design, cant wait to stitch it out...thank you!
  5. Carlyn

    Sea ship free embroidery design

    This looks beautiful, I cant wait to stitch it out...thank you!
  6. Carlyn

    Napkin's lace free embroidery design 2

    Just beautiful...thank you!
  7. Carlyn

    Rose free embroidery

  8. Carlyn

    The Bremen Town Musicians 1

    Thank you, not just for this design, but for the any you have created.
  9. This design is great, just a little big for my hoop. I cant wait for the smaller version....its beautiful!!!!