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  1. now that I have the design for the BMW Logo, I need a embroidery design "550 i" to go with it. It should be like the 550 i on the BMW car. Can you help me?
  2. This is the first time I have visited your site. Before I purchased anything I wanted to try one of your free designs. I attempted to order. the free Hockey sticks and puck It stated that I had already exceed my number of free goods...however I did not receive any designs...let alone the one I attempted to order. Could you please rectify this. Thanking you in advance
  3. This order 040961 These designs were not uploading on my usb 4886 4894 5101 My hoop is 4x4.... Thanks heaps
  4. Hi, can you digitize this Chapel Hill logo embroidery design to outline the N in black letters? If so. What would be the charge?
  5. Our latest computer we use is a Gateway. Right off we realized that it only has USB ports (except for the port for the monitor). We were instructed (by Pulse) to purchase a Keyspan serial/usb adapter. This is installed, but I still cannot send my embroidery designs to my Tajima. When we purchased our embroidery machine & digitizing software several years ago, we paid for the LAN capability, but have never had any luck getting that to work either. We recently upgraded to the Version 14 Illustrator Extreme (from version Tajima 12 Illustrator). The only way I can embroidery is to put my
  6. thank you for your help. I was able to purchase and download the patterns. I did not get the color listings. did I do something wrong when I placed the order? the order # is Denisov Embroidery Studio - Order# 032577 . thank you for your help.
  7. I can\'t seem to find out if you have a policy about using your free embroidery designs on items I make for sell out of my shop. ie.. I make a baby blanket and embroidery one of your designs on it, then sell the blanket. Is this allowed?
  8. I purchased the Pittsburgh Steelers Logo embroidery design from you in April 2013 and just getting to embroider it now. The logo showed the \"Steelers\" in black, but when I downloaded the file, it is the same color (blue) as the last icon of the logo. I need the \"Steelers\" in the black like the file showed when I purchased it - 6 colors, not 5. Can this file be corrected? I cannot change it with the embroidery software that I own. Thank you
  9. I purchased your Betty Boop design (Betty Boop with dog machine embroidery design) And i\'ve been having a few issues with the stitchout... Im stitching it on quite a plush bath towel, so perhaps that's the issue, but i was hoping you could take a look for me. Im using heavy cut away and WSS on top, but im getting pretty big gapping in the hair and the face, as well as shifting so the outline stitches aren't lining up. I have photos I can send you. Can you please take a look at the file? Im suspecting it needs adjusting so it stitches nicely on such a plush fabric... thanks!!!
  10. I am working on a design to put on a saddle pad (http://www.statelinetack.com/item/roma-miniquilt-dressage-saddle-pad-full/E004202/). Essentially, it's the word Magic in a Cresendo font with streamers using a steil stitch and stars, using Symbol font letter M for stars. So what I'm trying to figure out is what recipe to use for this type item and if I need to make any additional adjustments to everything. Also, what's the best way to remove the dot above the i so I can replace that with a star. I've already done this once on a lavendar fleece cooler and it came out great, but I used tons of
  11. I've tried to download some free designs but wasn't able to because I didn't buy anything????? Can you please tell me why?? Kind regards,
  12. These pictures were given to me by a lady who would like one embroidered on a blanket for her daughter. I think they come out of a book her daughter loves. So although I don't own the copyright they are only for one lady and will not be mass produced. We are not a commercial company - we just have a market stall where we sell embroidered towels and blankets once a month. I have bought many of your designs for family and friends and love your work. If it helps, I will keep them in confidence for just this lady. Hopefully you are able to digitise them for me? :-) Thanks,
  13. Hi there again,After looking at the logo I guess it isn't in white.Can you make the logo where you can change color to white around the 12???
  14. Hi there, I purchased, see below the Seahawks 12th man logo embroidery design. The logo looks online like the "12" is logo embroideryoutlined in white. I am stitching this on blue material and I really wanted the 12 outlined in white. Because there is no break in the embroidery design when stitching, I cannot change it to white. The 12 and it's border is done in one stitch/color with no break to change color.Can this be fixed. If so please let me know ASAP. Cindyi Thank you for your purchase! ========== ORDER INFORMATION ========== Order #: 018854 Total: $9.00 Product #1: Seahaw
  15. Can you please give me instructions how to applique this design - I am not sure how to do it and my Grandaughter is expecting her baby any day now and I would love to do it for her.
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