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  1. I did this Alfa Romeo Logo machine embroidery design on Vinyl it stitched out lovely and so did the Name Alfa Romeo thank you Igor it looks great.
  2. This is funny embroidered handbag executed in bright color scheme. What’s its author said about it: “I made this lovely bag with Fairy with Squirel. Stitched out lovely on Vinyl”. Except of cute embroidery sample on its front side you can pay your attention on original monogram at top. It is very good addition for Girl and squirrel embroidery design

    © Marlene

  3. This is for Lachlan Peeper Minecraft he loves it so much. Here is Minecraft Creeper in your door embroidery design thank you Igor it stitched out beautifully.

    © Marlene

  4. This design stitched out so well I made a wash mitten. Minecraft designs are well digitized. They are a hit with my 2 grandsons and their friends. This is Creeper and duck machine embroidery design
  5. Lovely Minecraft design stitched out on Vinyl which I made a pencil case out of. Running farmer machine embroidery design
  6. Another great design thank you Igor .I put Sloth on Brodie's mitten and Donkey on Lachlans. Stitched out beautifully. Available here Marty embroidery design and Ice Age embroidery designs
  7. I had to make another pencil case Lachlan had to have one as well as his brother. Again it stitched great. This time i added Minecraft font. Available here Running farmer embroidery design
  8. Igor thank you once again for a lovely design.It stitched out really well on car vinyl which I was worried about because I could not hoop it. I put double sided tape on the back and stuck it in the hoop to the stabilizer. Worked a treat. Brodie is very happy with his pencil case He will be the only one in his class to have a special one. Available here Running farmer embroidery design

    © Starting Over

  9. This is pretty textile organizer for room of little baby. It is very convenient thing to hold all necessary accessories you may need at first days of baby’s life and later. It is made of dense cotton fabric and quilted to be more durable. Furthermore it has well elaborated design. Borders made of printed fabric with floral ornament are supported by embroideries with flower branch and butterfly.

    © Marlene

  10. I needed a place to keep my hoops safe so I made this bag front for the A hoop Middle for the B hoop and the back pocket for the plastic graphs for the hoops. Butterfly and flowers from Igor. Thank you for lovely embroidery designs.

    © Marlene

  11. I embroidered this cushion with a lovely Firebird design It stitched out gorgous. I gave it to a dear friend of mine for Xmas. Available here Fantastic bird and flowers embroidery design
  12. My Step daughter wanted a purse to put her kindle reader in. She is a Vet Nurse at Bondi Vet in Sydney so I thought these would be cute. The stitched out lovely. I used Funny kitty free embroidery design and Mexican cat machine embroidery design. thank you Igor.
  13. Now he and his brother have one each in their team logo's .
  14. marpat

    Adelaide crows

    Lachlan is a very happy chappy he has his new cushion.
  15. I stitched out this lovely lady a few years ago, She is hanging in my bed room. I don't know how i did it but it turned out lovely. I have been looking for my color sheet but will have to figure out the colors for her face from new. Available here Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
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