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    beautiful design, where would i find the little bunny stuffie please? they are also cute, thank you
    make sure you download all 10 parts, yes there is 10 separate files you need, also would of been nice for a stitch order guide what stitches first etc thanks for the freebie though
  1. I have had no problems at all with help from wilcom, i tried janome once and never ever got a reply so went above them, and i will continue to contact wilcom with any problems with my V5, i have never had a problem with them helping me, i will not name the team members who have helped me, but they were awesome and i did let them know i didnt have hatch or E4 etc and that i used janome V5 software, they were fine with helping me. i wish i did a bit more research before buying Janome V5, i would definately gone with hatch software instead! tech support for Hatch is AMAZINg as is the aftercare a
  2. Magnut, thanks for the tip on setting paint as the edit artwork option, i dont like corel too complicated for me lol, i have heard that they are trying to get rid of paint also which will be a pain as it is such a simple program to use. so will be sad if they do, i will have to use corel then lol
  3. RedlineMan. i never eve rcontact Janome with any problems i have with V5, i go straight to Wilcom and they are more than helpful, Janome are a waste of time, i have heard of many many people still waiting for help months after they contacted janome! use this link to contact wilcom, they will be in touch within hours or a couple of days, remember they are located in Australia Wilcom embroidery software support hopefully Janome will drop V5 cause then Wilcom will take over it.
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