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  1. keep tying in the code to gain access and it keeps rejecting it. Keep getting the same error message. Im typing the letters correctly. Can you help
  2. Is there anyway the gamecock block c patch could be smaller like 2x2?
  3. I am a new embroiderer and have a Janome MC 350E machine. I am interested in buying the minion golfer design. Would this be digitized when it is sent to me, as I have no digitizing software. PLEASE help me. Thank you in ANTICIPATION.
  4. I am new at embroidery and I have a brother PE525 with only a 4x4 hoop. I am not sure which sizes will work for me. Thanks for your help!
  5. In the design called \"Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck\" (all three dressed and Santa's) how many stitches in this design? My customer wants it but doesn\'t want to pay more than $25.I wish y\'all would include the stitch number in the description because if you did, I would buy more embroidery designs from you guys. Y\'all have wonderful designs that stitch out beautifully. Thank you
  6. I placed this order on July 20th. I thought that they would fit my 4x4 hoop. The designs are close but just a bit too big. Can the designs in this order that are, for example, 3.91 x 2.91, be reconfigured for my 4x4 hoop? There are several in this order that need to be configured.
  7. Is it possible to get the U of O ducks color chart so all the different types of threads and their numbers can be read, I can't read the thread type because they are over the top of each other. Thank you.
  8. This is my second email with the same question. Please respond. The embroidery design titles "Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck" comes in two sizes. Can you please tell me the stitch count of each size? I would like to order this but must know the stitch count before placing the order. Thank you
  9. My machine is still not able to read the lily of the valley design: lilval1.pes My machine is not able to read any of these .dst files. I did get the minions, the bmw, the black currant and nature files to finally work. Thank you
  10. Can you please help ,I have tried to embroidery both patterns but they do not transfer from computer to machine. My machine is working fine with all other patterns . Look forward to your reply
  11. I have a singer studio S 10 I tried downloading some free embroidery designs and used the singer xxx and this does not work what I am I doing wrong
  12. Hello what\'s the price for a 30 by 30 sm embroidered icon design.
  13. When will you have the size 1 bulldog embroidery patch available to purchase online?
  14. Please try to make an attractive offer for all 66 Tatty Teddys. Thank you.
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