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  1. I have registered and downloaded this lovely embroidery design, but I do not see any way to print the instructions. I use Designer Gallery Studio Plus and had no problem printing the embroidery design template and color chart. Any help you give me will be appreciated. This is a very beautiful embroidery design. Thanks so much!
  2. My embroidery machine does only 4 x 4 and I thought the logo was small enough. I am putting it on a koozie. It is a 99.80 mm x 85.70 mm now, maybe somewhere around 75 will work better. And thank you for resizeing the Carolina Panthers logo it worked wonderful.
  3. Is there a way that you can make that embroidery logo smaller. It will not work with my embroidery machine. Thank you
  4. I am hunting JONAH in the winnie the pooh alphabet. Can you let me know if you have the letters Thank you
  5. Could you please where I could find the correct color sheet for the embroidery designs downloaded. Even though I chose Art format it downloaded in the strangest colors.
  6. I would like to know if this design will work with my Machine. I have a Brother SE400 and can only do 4 inch by 4 inch designs Transformers Pointblank embroidery design
  7. I cant seem to find the logos or badges for the football teams Liverpool Everton Man utd etc
  8. Can you please tell me what chart to use for the thread colors on the Tangled embroidery design I have downloaded - what brand of thread are the numbers based on? Thank you for your quick respons
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