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  1. OK, I’ve spent several days digging around the net and through user/service manuals to help figure out options for making Wilcom work with the Toyota ESP-9000. I’ve come up with basically two different ways to do this. Since the details are nowhere to be found searching the internet I’ve written them up below. I’ve successfully tested both options with Windows XP and Windows 10, so my assumption is it should work with all versions of Windows in between as well. For either connection option you will need a cable between the computer and the ESP-9000. Since most computers built
  2. HELP !!! Toyota ESP-9000 with Wilcom ES Software Need some help here. We just upgraded our Forte software to the new Wilcom ES and can't get it to work with our Toyota ESP-9000. The ESP-9000 has the 9 pin serial port and is connected to the computer through a USB to serial convertor. The computer has Windows XP ( I will be switching to a new machine as soon as I get things working). Everything works with the Forte software, so my cable and USB converter are good. The proble...m has something to do with the software port settings in the Wilcom package and the button settings on the Toyo
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