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  1. Ich habe schon früher bei Ihnen gekauft, leider komme ich nicht mehr durch, ich brauche die deutsche Übersetzung Ihrer Webseite. DANKE
  2. How can I print out the embroidery design I ordered for download to place on garment for proper placement. I can print the instructions but if these designs are of different sizing I would need the correct size to print out. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi . If I purchased the Geisha embroidery design file, am I able to sell the item I embroider it on. Thank you
  4. Please explain the difference between pes, 3pes, 3apes 3bpes, etc. what is the difference in the different downloads. I love your site and will be a good customer. The designs come really beautiful. Thank you so much
  5. Thank you soooooo much, I love the design.
  6. Just purchased Olef2. It would be nice if the color chart was included. This one is easy but a more complicated design would be very hard to figure colors along with sewing order.
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